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Hi people, this is the second mod i upload here and is a cool FNAF mod of Baldi's Field Trip!

This mod is based in the popular franchise of Five Nights at Freddy's, but more in the Ultimate Custom Night one.

History and Gameplay:

Freddy allows you to go a night and he's not going to kill you. But you are not %100 safe, you need to charge the Music Box with batteries because Puppet can kill you.

There is other characters that can make your night impossible like Balloon Boy steal your batteries or the flashlight that makes the Music Box go lower than normal.

Characters Changes:

Normal Baldi = Freddy Fazbear

Angry Baldi = Puppet

Principal of the Thing = Purple Guy/William Afton

It's a Bully = Balloon Boy

Arts and Crafters = Phantom Freddy

Cloudy Copter = Flashlight

Extra Characters Changes:

99 Tree = Whitered Golden Freddy

Open Trap = Spring Bonnie

Closed Trap = Springtrap




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descargare el juego are un video y lo subiré a YouTube para que se haga mas famoso el juego 

Gracias amigo, me pasas link de tu canal?